Social Projects: Making a difference in my community

1. The Biz Starters

Ghana‘s youth unemployment rate is considered one of the highest in the world. Of the 250,000 young people who complete the Junior High School only about two out of every five continue to the Senior Secondary School level. This initiative focuses on changing the way a child sees and reacts to the world around them by equipping them with entrepreneurial skills and inciting in them the passion for and practice of entrepreneurship through the establishment of entrepreneurship clubs in their schools.

2. The Body Project

Low Self Esteem affects a large number of people at various stages in life, particular during early child development. This initiative is focuses on helping individuals develop Positive Self Esteem of themselves through Photography and reminding them that they are first and foremost a Wonderful Creation of God and whenever they feel empty to look at the images captured during the program and refuel themselves.

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